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Meritor PSI Tire Inflation System - Tandem Axle - Roll Off Truck, Roll Off Trailer, Dump & Lugger Truck Parts

Meritor PSI Tire Inflation System - Tandem Axle.

MANUFACTURER: Meritor     SKU: AS114

Keeps tires inflated when they leak due to some type of nail, piece of metal, etc. and senses when there is overheating at the axle bearings.

  • Reduces road service calls, saves money due to less flats
  • Reduces DOT fines for flat tires
  • Reduces axle damage
  • Increases tire life, saves money. 10% extended tire life
  • Increases fuel mileage, saves money, 1.4% MPG increase
  • Increases ability to recap tires due to casings not being destroyed, saves money


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