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Roundtail Delia - Roll Off Trailer Parts

Roundtail Delia.

MANUFACTURER: Roundtail Bikes     SKU: RT001

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Strength For more than 4,000 years, builders have relied on the incredible power of the arch. It's a time-proven geometry. On the RoundTail„¢, the rings serve as a pair of arches to create a strong, responsive, forgiving ride. Comfort Because of the RoundTail's„¢ rings, the path of impact is no longer a straight line from the bottom bracket shell and rear dropouts to the rider's body. Vibrations must follow the shape of the frame, and the rings dissipate energy from impact. Joy The RoundTail„¢ is the kind of bike that makes you want to ride. It's equal parts bicycle, sculpture and modern art. It's the kind of bike you think about while you're at work. And even better, because of the RoundTail's„¢ design, hours on the bike won't leave you beat up and fatigued like a traditional bike. Cycling just became a lot more fun. Geometry The placement of the bottom bracket shell, along with the rear dropouts and seat post, remain the same. The RoundTail offers all the benefits of traditional sizing with the improved ride quality. Aerodynamics The RoundTail„¢ eliminates the vertical and direct surface areas of the seat tube and rear stays. The rings join near the front and then open up, allowing air to flow between the rings to reduce drag. RoundTail„¢ ASTM Testing & Finite Element Analysis (F.E.A.) Lightweight Hollow tubing used in the steel rings creates a frame that is both strong and light. Hollow tubing also allows for internally routed cables and a hidden rear brake that give the bicycle a clean, sleek appearance. Craftsmanship Each RoundTail„¢ frame is crafted by an expert frame builder with years of experience whom Lou Tortola has personally selected. Design Yes, it's beautiful, but it's also functional. You can stare at your RoundTail„¢ - just don't forget to ride it. You'll turn more than a few heads when you do. Sponsorship The rings on the RoundTail„¢ provide a unique shape with greater surface area. Competitors can offer a more attractive way for sponsors to advertise with corporate messages and logos.